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we're creating something special

We're creating a social enterprise that supports you and other humans experiencing loneliness to move through loneliness and take steps to get the connection we're all looking for.

We're doing this by:

  • talking widely about loneliness within humans, in our communities and workplaces

  • offering you products that are easily accessible, convenient and provide high-value support

  • measuring how we reduce your feelings of loneliness through our Connection Starter Course

  • collaborating with governments, academics, mental health professionals and mental health support providers globally

  • seeing you as the beautiful human you are. You're not broken; you're having an uncomfortable human experience and you're worthy of support.  


Loneliness is part of the human condition - all humans experience it at times. Even us who work on loneliness and social connection.

We're not great at talking about loneliness as a society. We don't know how to feel connected again. This fed our loneliness, too.

Not talking about our innate human need for connection feeds the global loneliness epidemic. We feel the impacts on our physical, mental, emotional and social health and well-being: within ourselves, in our workplaces and communities.   

It doesn't need to be this way.

We at HUMANS:CONNECTING are here to change it.  

the team

who we are

Photo 8-02-20, 8 36 15 PM_edited.jpg

Phil McAuliffe (he/him)


Global Loneliness Thought Leader

Canberra, Australia

HUMANS:CONNECTING is a service Phil wished existed when he first realised he was lonely. Phil didn't want to be lonely, but he realised that it wasn't going to go away simply because he didn't like it.


He knew we needed a different way of engaging with loneliness. An idea was had, and here we are.

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Pete Newsome (he/him)

Marketing Manager

Brisbane, Australia

Pete's a marketing technologist, passionate about helping social enterprises find their audience and scale their marketing impact through digital. 


He's here at HUMANS:CONNECTING because he knows first-hand how essential social connection is for one's well-being, growth, and development. He deeply believes everyone deserves to feel safe, valued, supported, and connected. This and so much more can be experienced through this work.

Digital art exhibit

Moana Potaka (she/her)

Business Manager

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


Jack Hedges (he/him)

Sales Manager

Melbourne, Australia

Jack's here to help us grow our social enterprise and increase our global impact.


He's here at HUMANS:CONNECTING because he can support humans who wouldn't normally ask for help to get some support.

He says that 'The team at HUMANS:CONNECTING are working for the right reasons, which is rare and is something to cherish.'

Jeff Bartlett (he/him)

Design & Social Media

Canberra, Australia

Do you love the look of this website and our socials? Jeff does that!

Jeff's here at HUMANS:CONNECTING because he believes that we can help a lot of people learn from their loneliness and feel connected.

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