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We at HUMANS:CONNECTING are here to make an impact. We're here to reach the hearts, minds and souls of humans experiencing loneliness around the world.

We're creating a social enterprise that's here to reduce the rates of loneliness experienced by humans.

We're here to empower humans to talk about loneliness and use it to get the connection that they're missing in their lives.

We're here to make a difference.


Join with us and let's change how the world views loneliness. 

Here's where this starts.

We're a social enterprise

We're creating a social enterprise supporting humans experiencing loneliness, moving them through loneliness and taking steps to get the connection they're looking for.

We're doing this by:

  • de-stigmatising loneliness by talking about loneliness in the media, in our communities (online and in person) and workplaces

  • supporting humans experiencing loneliness at every age, with a focus on the loneliness experienced by 35-64 year olds (the 'missing middle' in current loneliness discourse)

  • offering products that are easily accessible, convenient and provide high-value support that meet humans where and how they are

  • measuring how we reduce feelings of loneliness through our core offering, the Connection Starter Course

  • providing upstream support and advice about loneliness for humans before they require individual mental health support or crisis support.

  • collaborating with governments, academics, mental health professionals and mental health support providers globally

  • seeing each human as a unique individual. We all have our own ways into loneliness and we all have our own ways towards connection. There is no one-size-fits-all response to loneliness.  

Our founder, Phil McAuliffe, was a Social Impact Fellow in 2023 and honed our purpose under the guidance of leading social impact practioners in Australia. We have a clear value proposition. We have theories of change and impact statements. We have a powerful network of professionals supporting our social enterprise.

We're ready.

Phil McAuliffe.png

You want to be part of this

Loneliness and social disconnection has been identified as the critical public health issue of our time. In 2023, the US Surgeon-General declared loneliness a public health crisis. In Australia, loneliness is estimated to cost the health system A$2.7billion yearly and Australia's economy A$60billion annually.

Globally, 1-in-4 humans report feeling lonely in 2023. In Australia, 1-in-3 humans are experiencing loneliness, with 1-in-6 humans reporting feeling severely lonely. These numbers are enormous.

We cannot afford to continue to address loneliness in the same old way. It's not working.

We're excited to create a social enterprise that's doing something measurable to lower rates of loneliness and reduce the impact of loneliness on overburdened mental health professionals and crisis support services.


We generate our own financial capital through selling products and services and invest our profits into growing our impact. But this takes time.

We need seed funding to supercharge our efforts.

Seed funding would get us into forums where we can use our expertise and lived experience to be part of the discussions among academics and public policy developers shaping collective responses to loneliness. Seed funding would get Phil delivering keynotes in person.

Seed funding would allow us to engage the services of licensed mental health professionals in developing and refining products and services (something that is currently done on a voluntary basis when their capacity allows).

Seed funding would keep our lights on. Seed funding would accelerate our impact and reach humans experiencing loneliness wherever they are and let them know that they're not alone and are worthy of feeling love and belonging.

You want to be part of this.

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