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creating connected workplaces

Of course you want the humans within your workplace to thrive.

You want your workplace to be a space in which humans feel psychologically safe and able to contribute their skills, wisdom and expertise.

You want something beyond offering yoga classes and pizza lunches. You're ready to get real. ​

We've heard you.​


We've developed Creating Connected Workplaces: a program that informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which all humans feel seen, heard and that they belong.


Humans who feel connected in their workplaces are more productive, resilient and are engaged.​


HUMANS:CONNECTING starts and then leads meaningful conversations that connect the humans in your workplace.​

Pizza and yoga is good, but genuine connection is best.

You and the humans in your workplace are worthy of that.

Your workplace is unique

Your workplace requires a unique response to make it a connected workplace.

One-size-fits-all videos, generic information sessions and all-staff emails are fine.

They get the job done.

You're worthy of more than 'fine'.

Loneliness is everywhere

The humans in your workplace are suffering.

Here's how we know...

Every human experiences loneliness. No job title, salary level, education qualification or address makes us immune.


Globally, 1-in-4 humans report feeling lonely in 2023. In Australia, 1-in-3 humans are experiencing loneliness, with 1-in-6 humans reporting feeling severely lonely.


These numbers are enormous.


In the United States, 50% of Gen X and 65% of Millennials and Gen Z report feeling lonely 'sometimes or always'.

We know that humans who feel lonely at work report higher levels of absenteeism. They are less productive, less efficient and are more likely to leave.

They're also likely to stay and be less productive and less efficient.

Workplaces around the world are beginning to grasp the importance of addressing workplace loneliness.

If you're receiving feedback that the humans in your workplace feel uninspired, disengaged, are often not at work or not performing well, you need to create an environment in which individual humans feel connected.  

jump ahead

You need our insight and experience

We're humans too.

The program is delivered by HUMANS:CONNECTING founder, Phil McAuliffe.

Phil is a global loneliness thought-leader. If you've seen him on television, heard him on the radio or his podcast or spent time with him in person, you'll know that he's an articulate, affable, highly-educated and engaging speaker who makes the topic of loneliness relatable.


Phil has a background in international relations and public policy. He was an Australian Public Servant - including an Australian diplomat - for 23 years. Phil's worked in diverse workplaces in Australia, Venezuela, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. 

Phil's worked in highly visible and high-intensity roles where there was little (or no) tolerance for risk or failure. The pressure to deliver was relentless. He thrived in these environments; until he didn't. He felt empty, lost and realised he was lonely. He believed he was the only person around him who felt  this way.

He was wrong.

Phil knows how difficult it is to ask for help and support. He also knows that the help provided sometimes does not actually help alleviate the thoughts and feelings of loneliness.


Since beginning The Lonely Diplomat in 2018 and The Loneliness Guy in 2020, Phil's developed and now provides the services he needed when first learning from his loneliness.


He's now passionately de-stigmatising loneliness and supporting humans to feel more authentically connected wherever they are in the world.

And it's not just Phil.


There's a wealth of life and work experience within the HUMANS:CONNECTING team.

We work in sales, marketing, creative design, business management and global finance and investment banking.


We've worked in hospitality. We're entrepreneurs. We've studied. We've struggled to make ends meet. We've been homeless. We've succeeded. We've failed. We're resilient.

We're married. We're single. We're carers. We're parents. We're gay. We're straight. We're neurodiverse.

We've moved around the world. We've stayed in our home town.

We face prejudice. We benefit from privilege.

We've been inspired. We've been burned out.

We're active in our communities and workplaces. We volunteer. We're part of the solutions to the tough challenges in our communities. 

We're just like the humans in your workplace.

We want to be in spaces where humans feel seen and heard so we feel like we belong.

Just like the humans in your workplace.


We're different

We inspire because we cut through.

We all know that loneliness is harmful for humans when left untended and unaddressed.


But let's be honest. Loneliness and connection is often discussed in a dry, conceptual way.

Statistics and summaries of academic studies are helpful, but they don’t resonate with the humans experiencing the emotion.

Since 2018, hundreds of thousands of people globally have already benefitted from hearing Phil's story and having him facilitate kind and honest conversations about loneliness, connection and belonging.

Humans feel more connected and engaged within themselves and with the world because of our services.

We want that for you and the humans in your workplace.

You're all worthy of that.

creating connected workplaces

The details


The Creating Connected Workplaces service starts generally. After listening to your workplace's needs during initial conversations with you, Phil will talk about loneliness and the importance of connection in your workplace. This happens during an all-staff meeting or webinar.  

We understand that some humans in your workplace may find it difficult to engage with the subject and the topics that are brought up. Phil knows how to talk about loneliness and the importance of human connection in an approachable and accessible way.


After the general talk about loneliness and the importance of social connection, we tailor our services to talk about loneliness and the importance of feeling authentically connected to those humans in your workplace who are interested in going deeper. These are held in small groups.


We offer our 1:1 mentoring services for humans in your workplace wanting to become a connected leader. This is for humans ready to go deep and be authentically connected to themselves and show up in life and work as a human that brings out the best in other humans. This is a service that is suggested for leaders or those on a leadership pathway and is based on the Connection Starter Course. 

We'll discuss what works for you in our initial call.

here's how we support you

Here's how we help the humans in your workplace to thrive

We listen to you

No one knows your workplace and its needs like you.


Sometimes a high-level conversation is best to introduce concepts and start general conversations. Other workplaces need a more specific response. Some workplaces know that they want to support the humans working there, but don't know how or where to start.

We listen to you and together, we'll assess how our services can best support you and your workplace during our initial discussion.

Ascending levels of support

How much you invest in your connected workplace is always up to you.

Access our collective


The team at HUMANS:CONNECTING have experience across a range of industries and sectors. We've worked around the world in workplaces that were high-visibility, high pace and with little tolerance for failure. 

We've all experienced loneliness, burnout and disillusionment in our workplaces.

Leaders feel lonely too

Remember how all humans experience loneliness? Well, that includes those in leadership positions.

We support all humans in the workplace, and can cater our message for leaders and the loneliness leaders often experience in life.

Remember: Leaders need the same kind of support that they so freely give to those they lead.

There's an elegant solution

Humans are capable of amazing things when we feel that we belong and are making a purposeful contribution to something greater than ourselves.

That's the solution: help humans to feel that they belong and are working towards a greater purpose.

In real life or online

We can support you in person or online.

contact us and let's create your connected workplace together

or email us

Thank you for your message

We'll get back to you shortly

(it may be the middle of the night for us...)

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SmartCompany - Australia's leading online publication for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers.

Phil and our work at HUMANS:CONNECTING featured as one of eight small Australian businesses and social entrepreneurs addressing loneliness and social disconnection.


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