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Phil McAuliffe - Humans Connecting - loneliness - connection - workplace connection - social health - wellbeing - Specsavers

Social well-being webinar

December 2023

Phil spoke about

  • loneliness and how it affects humans when we leave it untended

  • how to identify loneliness in the workplace and with customers

  • how to talk about loneliness

  • tips to use loneliness to feed and improve connection

to a social well-being webinar for 100+ staff.


The webinar was recorded and made available to Specsaver's 32,000+ staff in its 2,500+ stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  

It was a fantastic opportunity to impact the connection experienced by humans throughout Specsavers and
its customers.


'Phil's one hour session on loneliness and connection proved to be both engaging and insightful, providing plenty of reflection for those who attended.


He created a really safe space for colleagues to discuss the fact that loneliness impacts every single one of us at some point, and there were plenty of lightbulb moments and open discussion about the reasons humans find themselves lonely.


Colleagues were full of praise for the time spent with Phil, where we asked them all to start breaking the stigma of discussing loneliness.


I look forward to welcoming him back for another session in the future.'


Steven Evans - received 6 December 2023


Steven Evans (he/him/his)

Head of Well-being and Inclusion





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