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Research tells us that humans most notice loneliness during times of change. We've created these videos to support you through times of change you may experience through your life.


You'll receive outstanding, generalised advice with excellent ideas from us to inspire you to own your loneliness and feel soul-nourishing connection. 


You're worthy of that.


the videos

connection in middle age

Humans often feel disconnected in middle age. It's entirely normal. Let's flip the script on your mid-life crisis. Let's turn it into your mid-life opportunity to feel connected again.

You're worthy of that.

Investment: AU$19.95

reconnecting in a relationship

It can be confronting to realise that you're lonely in your relationship. This Connection Inspiration is full of ideas to help you reconnect with your significant other/s and to stay connected with them.

You're worthy of that.

Investment: AU$19.95

staying connected when moving house

Humans Connecting - connection - loneliness - moving house

There's a reason why moving house is oft-cited as a source of significant stress in life. Let's keep you connected during your next move, whether that's across the street or across the world. 

You're worthy of that.

Investment: AU$19.95

Intersex inclusive pride flag

connection after coming out

Your need to be truly you may have helped you come out of the closet. But the LGBTIQA+ community can bring unexpected connection challenges. This Connection Inspiration is full of ideas to help you feel connected if you're out of the closet.

You're worthy of that.

Investment: AU$19.95

Humans Connecting - loneliness - connection - LGBTIQA - gay loneliness - coming out
Intersex inclusive pride flag

connection in the closet

LGBTIQA+ - Connection in the closet - 2.png

The closet is a lonely place to be. The fear and the sense of disconnection from yourself and from those around you is real. Let's get you feeling more connected if you're in the closet: whether you're able to eventually come out or not. 

You're worthy of that.

Investment: AU$19.95

more connection inspirations are uploaded regularly

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- connection after breaking up with someone
- connection after being broken up with

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At HUMANS:CONNECTING, we're committed to providing humans experiencing loneliness wherever they are in the world with ideas and support that is both of high-quality and easily accessible to help them move through their loneliness and begin to feel connected.

However, the cost of the Connection Inspiration videos can be a barrier for some humans from accessing the content and the ideas and suggestions within them.

Please consider paying it forward by gifting connection to another human. We'll let you know when your gift has been given and which video was given.

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Thank you for helping other humans feel connected. 

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