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Governments play an important role in responding to the global loneliness and social disconnection crisis affecting our communities and societies.

More governments globally are beginning to turn their attention to how humans in their jurisdictions can feel more connected and improve the social health and wellbeing of their citizens.

HUMANS:CONNECTING advocates and supports governments to develop public policy that supports humans and help us to all feel connected.

you need our perspective

We have a unique set of skills and expertise.

HUMANS:CONNECTING's approach is based on our lived experience of being humans who have experienced loneliness. We have a unique way of communicating that experience in ways that resonate with different audiences and different sectors of society.

Beyond lived experience, Phil McAuliffe also has a postgraduate degree in public policy and governance and a 23-year career in the Australian Public Service.

Phil has been responsible for initiating and developing many policy initiatives for the Australian Government. He has a depth of experience in working with a diverse range of stakeholders (including community groups, unions, business groups, foreign governments) to find sensible and workable policies and prepare submissions for government.

We speak the language of loneliness and the language of government.

our services

HUMANS:CONNECTING provides two services in the development of sound public policy initiatives to helps humans feel connected:


- write our own submissions; and

- we provide our insights, perspectives and ideas when you engage us as consultants as you prepare your submission.

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