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All humans deserve to feel authentically connected.

We've got a range of services so together, we can help you and the humans in our workplaces, communities and audience feel connected.

We're meant to connect.

our services

Working together to help the humans around you become connected humans starts here


speaking services

Have Phil - a global loneliness thought-leader and connection expert - speak in your workplace, deliver a keynote at your conference, event or be a guest on your podcast.


creating connected workplaces

You want the humans within your workplace to thrive. You want your workplace to be a space in which humans feel psychologically safe and able to contribute their skills, wisdom and expertise. 

We've heard you.

Creating Connected Workplaces informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which all humans feel seen, heard and that they belong. Humans feel happier in their workplaces, are more productive, resilient and are engaged.

Creating Connected Workplaces starts and then leads conversations that connect the humans in your workplace.


media enquiries

Talk with Phil - a global thought leader on loneliness and connection - for your publication or program.


government submissions

HUMANS:CONNECTING advocates and supports governments to develop public policy that supports humans and help us to all feel connected. It can also support you as you develop your submission.


crisis support

HUMANS:CONNECTING does not provide crisis support services. However, we do have some links to crisis support services if you need support right now. 

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