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Loneliness webinar

March 2023

Phil shared his experience of loneliness and spoke on workplace loneliness and the loneliness experienced by LGBTIQA+ humans in society as part of a panel discussion to an internal audience of Medibank employees.

Phil was a panel member alongside Dr Michelle Lim (Scientific Chair and Chairperson Ending Loneliness Together) and Ms Liz Keen (Executive Producer – Audio from Headline Productions).

Medibank has a 10-year commitment to help address loneliness. It is raising awareness of loneliness as a key health issue in Australia. It’s collaborating to understand the most effective, evidence-based solutions to address loneliness and its impacts on health.


Nigel Davis, Head of Performance, Engagement and Community


"Thanks for coming along today and sharing your story! Have had a few people from our Pride Network reach out and say how thankful they were for your perspective."

- Nigel Davis, Head of Performance, Engagement and Community, Medibank, received 7 March 2023
"You had [an] impact on our people!"

- Karen Oldaker, Senior Executive Wellbeing and Community, Medibank.
received 8 March 2023

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